Are You Inspirin’???

IS_Inpirin 1

IS_Inpirin 2

IS_Inpirin 3

IS_Inpirin 4


IS_Inpirin 5

IS_Inpirin 6 IS_Inpirin 7

IS_Inpirin 8

IS_Inpirin 9

IS_Inpirin 10

IS_Inpirin 11

IS_Inpirin 12

IS_Inpirin 13

IS_Inpirin 14

IS_Inpirin 15


IS_Inpirin 16IS_Inpirin 17IS_Inpirin 18

IS_Inpirin 19

IS_Inpirin 20

IS_Inpirin 21




Inaniel Swims is a sexy-dreamy-surfy-poppy French band. One of their musicians (shall we leave him mysteriously unnamed?) created this comic and has decided to grace our Banana Pitch pages with its splendor. Quelle chance! Although their website is still in the works, check out their music [here] and jam out while you soak up one of the first Inaniel Swims comics. Merci beaucoup, monsieur! C’est super. 


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