Sitting On the Sidewalk: Fort Bragg, California

A Poem by Hanna Pesha


My heart is such a



bursting to be free.

My heart is a catapult made from willow tree.

My heart is sinew, melting into bone.

My heart is a hurricane

that wants to be alone.


Love the sling, and I the shot

and you the villainy

My heart a giant bubble bursting to be free.


Bubblegum popping snapping fast

My heart on a shoestring

I want to make it last.

Illustration by Adrian Rotzscher

               Illustration by Adrian Rotzscher




Hanna Pesha is a Bay Area poet who has been published in Arcata Free Press and the Steelhead Special. She has been a poet-teacher with California Poets in the Schools and is a recent Poets and Writers grant recipient for writing workshops with domestic violence survivors. We’re honored to have her work.


Adrian Rotzscher is a Berlin-based artist working in a variety of formats. We love his collages, his modified nudes and the intricacies of all his work–which can be found on his website, aptly named Random Precision. Precise, indeed. Peruse his Instagram and soak it up.




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