Epis(Ode) to Club Soda

Pitch and story by Michelle Kicherer


I stole one the other day. I saw it in the fridge at work, hiding amongst the crusting condiments that had been there since the early nineties…



by Jesse Rimler, jesserimler.com

Illustration by JesseRimler.com


This story has been removed due to its publication in The Berkeley Fiction Review.

In bookstores May 2014. Order online Here

Thank you!

10 responses to “Epis(Ode) to Club Soda

  1. I’m visiting loads of different sites, looking for something that stands out a bit. Your about page is something else, and ‘Epis(Ode) to Club Soda’ charmed me.


  2. Such a great follow up to An Inconvenient Toot. I love your voice (the written one and the sweet sound when you speak). More stories please!!


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